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Our Academic Assistance differs from other homework help programs in that it helps students learn valuable study skills and improve academic outlook through our specially devised method. We not only work closely with the students to help them improve their grades and raise their test scores, but we also teach them important organizational and time management skills that will enhance their academic performance. 

Our subject tutoring sets MTECG apart from other institutions by creating more specific and structured goals. The main focus is to get students caught up on all schoolwork when they are falling behind or failing, then properly prepare them for future class and tests. Our philosophy is that if we equip students with the proper tools, they will learn for themselves how to overcome and improve weaknesses.

Our enrichment classes focus on English and Math and are designed to help students succeed above and beyond their expectations. We believe that these two subjects are the basics and foundation for all other studies. Enrichment classes will challenge students by simulating both college and real world situations in order to prepare them for life.

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